Nov 152009

Let’s say you’re part of a global power known for its repressive, bigoted, conservative views. You find out that the citizens of Washington, DC are preparing to exercise what few rights they have to pass a law that doesn’t fit your narrow(-minded) view of the world. Whatever shall you do?

Well, if you’re the Roman Catholic Church, you threaten to yank your humanitarian aid to the homeless. During the season when they are most at risk and the city’s resources are stretched thin.

Although it seems that the Catholics actually haven’t been doing a lot of philanthropic work with those millions of public dollars they’ve been given, it’s still true that they’re attempting to hold the city and its citizens hostage to get their way and keep bigotry on the books. Way to go, RCC!

The fact that the law wouldn’t force the church to preside over marriage ceremonies between same-sex partners isn’t what has them riled up; rather, they seem all up in arms over the claim that they might have to extend employment benefits to partners in same-sex relationships. Uh, wait a sec… wouldn’t they want that, because then they could root out and fire ‘em?

Luckily, the DC Council seems resolute in its intent to pass the law; and if the Catholic Church decides to withdraw, think of the PR opportunity for DC’s large queer community! They can throw fabulous parties and dance all the homeless to warmth while helping them not ‘need’ food or drink (well, non-alcoholic drink) through the clever use of recreational pharmaceuticals.

Source: Allison Kilkenny – Unreported – Catholic church threatens to stop feeding homeless over gay marriage – True/Slant.
See also: Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum on same-sex marriage issue in The Washington Post online.

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